Team Member

 General Manage :Xue feng
Male, Han nationality, was born on Oct 1960, came from Inner Mongolia, joined the party on Sep 1984, had been to work on Mar 1978, graduated from PLA Nanjing Institute of Politics with major of politics. As the chairman and general manager of Shanghai Yaying Shipping Co.,ltd. Have served as staff assistant of political department in 83branch of the 28th Army, chartering manager and assistant for general manager at PENAVICO Anqing, administrative secretary for party department at PENAVOCO, chairman and general manager for Shanghai Huying Sipping Agency co.,ltd.

 Deputy General Manage :James
Male, Han nationality, was born on Aug 1974, came from Shanhgai. Had been to work on Aug 1997, graduated from Shanghai Marine University with major of navigation. Have served as 3/O, 2/O, chief office at China Shipping Development Tramp CO., chief officer and master at PIL Shipping. Master of East Sailing Shiiping LTD, port captain of Union Faith Company Limited.

 Deputy General Manager :Annie
MBA, graduated from Shanghai Marine University. Have served as shipping manager of Dalian Fengshun International Shipping Co.,ltd.